Busker was formed by Paul Dubanowitz and Kevin Bannerton.  Together with Chris Telep, Busker recorded a debut album "Gargoyle" . Since their initial release, Paul Kezmarsky and Kevin McGuire have joined the Busker lineup and the band has released several singles, performing frequently over the past several years in support of their original material and at various fundraisers supporting numerous great causes.  Busker has written, recorded and produced a new 3 song EP scheduled for release June 1, 2017.

 Just in time for Christmas!! Check out the new video for "on Christmas"...


Check out the video for Country Song (Baby Take Me) released on June 1, 2017 as part of Busker's latest EP, "Cubed".




 iTunes link for "Cubed" EP featuring 

Country Song (Baby Take Me)

In Or Out





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Remembering .... "We Run", is now on iTunes. A YouTube video can also be viewed below. The song was written for those running this year's Boston Marathon and tohonor those who ran last year, experiencing the difficult circumstances surrounding our beloved event.

We Run Video Click Here!